Welcome to clocksmith,
 a service devoted to 
everything to do with 
antique and vintage
 clocks, and  watches.

 These can range from 
clocks  made well 
over 300 years 
ago to current 
 mechanical winding
and  automatic 

We believe that these
marvels of  history
and mechanical
engineering should
be preserved for
future generations.
They still do the job
they were intended
to do all those
generations ago.

The owner of such
a timepiece is not
only the owner but
a custodian of
history to be enjoyed
now and passed on
into the future.

 All antique and vintage
 clocks need servicing
 every ten years or so.
 Watches, because of 
 their much faster beat
 rates, need to be looked
 at every five years.
 Without this servicing,
 ​wear begins to carve 
 itself into various
parts of these

DO NOT spray CRC
or similar products
into the clock or
watch, as this only
attracts dust and grit
into the workings, 
which will only
accelerate wear. 

Clocks and watches
require proper
treatment. Can you
think of any other
machine that is
required to
operate all day
and everyday,
year in, year out?

Whether you have a
 cherished family 
heirloom, or a
timepiece  worthy
of appearing on
 Antiques Roadshow,
or a bargain picked
up on Trademe, 
let us take a ​look
at it for you.

                                                                                                               Wellington clock repair

keeping history ticking

Maintenance, repair and 
restoration of  antique 
and vintage timepieces.

Qualified and experienced 
servicing of clocks
and watches.

Serving the greater
Wellington region.

Obligation free quotes.

​Free pickup and return service.

​Housecalls are our

Transportation and
setting-up service. 

All work undertaken in
our workshop

12 months warranty. 

To discuss your requirements,


telephone: 04 905 8907  

email: phil@clocksmith.co.nz


                                                                                                               clocksmith limited